To play basketball, you must organize your team before the weekend. The tabs below have more details about how basketball will run this year. You can check out the basic information, rules, and see the teams that have already registered. Teams must be finalized by Sunday, December 16th.

If you do not have a team but would still like to play, please go ahead and register to play basketball and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Important: Minimum age for sports tournaments is 13. Those with bad backs or other similar injuries should not participate. Due to the inherent risk of such activities, all participants must sign a liability waiver. Those under 18 will need a parent or legal guardian's signature before they can participate.

Basic Information

More information to come, but here are the basics... You and your teammates must register for the weekend, first. Then you can build a team using the Teams tab above.

Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to be included in the tournament. Maximum number of players on a team is 8. All the team members must be registered and listed on the roster by Sunday, Dec. 16th.

Games will be played based on high school rules. Games will begin promptly with no exceptions. A penalty will be assessed against your team if it is late or short players.

All participants are required to attend the Sports Bible Study Sunday morning. Attendance is mandatory to play.

Kansas City Regional Family Weekend Basketball Rules

National Federation rules will serve as a basis for all situations not specified below. Normal full-court rules will apply, with an emphasis on the following rules or changes to the rules:

  • Start of Game: Each game will begin with a jump ball.
  • Personal Fouls: Each player has five (5) personal fouls to give before fouling out.
  • Team Fouls: One-and-one situations will occur starting with the seventh (7th) team foul (no 2-shot bonus beyond this point).
  • Free Throws: The ball is live after the shot leaves the player's hands, not after it hits the rim of the basket.
  • Substitutions: Allowed only during a dead ball after checking in with the scorekeeper.
  • Timeouts: There are no team timeouts.
  • Clock: Time will not stop during the first half except under referee discretion. The clock will stop in the last minute of the second half for dead ball situations if the difference in scores is 10 points or less.
  • Overtime: If the score is tied, a free throw shoot-off will determine the winner. Three players from each team will alternate shooting free throws two at a time per player. If it's tied after 6 shots, then the 4th player from each team shoots a single free throw, then the 5th player, and so forth until one team makes a free throw and the other misses.