The Contest of Christians

Basic Information

More information to come, but here are the basics... You and your teammates must register for the weekend, first. Then you can build a team using the Teams tab above.

Christians of all ages are encouraged to join a team, or just come and watch the fun!

Teams of 12 to 20 people will compete in a variety of challenges. You will want to build your team carefully. You might include people who have at least one of the following characteristics: resourceful, artistic, witty, quick reflexes, a pioneer in the church, constructive, shorter than 5 feet...

Each category of challenges may include portions for an individual, for partners or for the whole team.

To participate, you must register for the weekend and add your name to this event. The deadline is Sunday, Dec. 16th. We can make room for anyone who wants to participate, but we need you to sign up so we can plan accordingly.

Contest Rules

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 12, maximum of 20 participants. We encourage, but don't necessarily require, you to include people of multiple ages--from toddler to teen, singles, parents, grandparents and every age in between.
  2. Challenges will include a variety of skills, so build your team with as many different talents as possible. Do you have people who are: athletic, problem-solving, musical, long-time in the Church, camp attendees, of small stature, very strong, easily entreated, quick on their feet, of a positive attitude? These are some attributes that may help your team fare better than others.
  3. Challenges may have multiple tasks. Sometimes the whole team will work together to complete tasks in the challenge. This might be simultaneously or having one person go at a time. Sometimes two members of the team will work together. And occasionally, one person from the team will complete a task alone.
  4. Scoring: Each task in a challenge will be scored on a pass/fail basis. Bonus points may be available in certain categories.