To play volleyball, you must organize your team before the weekend. The tabs below have more details about how volleyball will run this year. You can check out the basic information, rules, and see the teams that have already registered. Teams must be finalized by Sunday, December 16th.

Important: Minimum age for sports tournaments is 13. Those with bad backs or other similar injuries should not participate. Due to the inherent risk of such activities, all participants must sign a liability waiver. Those under 18 will need a parent or legal guardian's signature before they can participate.

Basic Information

If signing up a team, if you regularly play in a league or just know the game, choose the "Competitive" tournament. If you're just here for the fun of playing with friends, choose the "Recreational" tournament. Teams will only play other teams that chose the same tournament.

To register your team, click on the "Teams" tab above. You may begin team registration even if all of your team members are not yet registered. We request only captains register teams and change the roster. You must register and finalize your team by noon on Sunday, Dec. 16th.

Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to be included in the tournament. Maximum number of players on a team is 8. Games will begin promptly with no exceptions. A penalty will be assessed against your team if it is late or short players.

All participants are required to attend the Sports Bible Study Sunday morning. Attendance is mandatory to play.

Team Volleyball Rules

We're highlighting just a few rules and procedures for the team volleyball games. Standard volleyball rules apply.

  • SERVING: You can serve anywhere behind the line.
    • Foot Fault: If your foot touches the line while you serve, that is an automatic loss of serve.
    • Let serve: The ball CAN touch the net on the serve and play continues.
    • Attacking a serve: Blocking or spiking a serve is illegal.
  • SCORING: We will play rally point in all games. The first two games of each match will be to 25 and the third game will be to 15. All games will also be on a time limit. A team must win by two points, even if the score is tied when time runs out.
  • PASSING: Players may contact the ball with any part of the body, INCLUDING the feet, whether intentionally or not.
  • LIFT: The palm of a player's hand cannot touch the volleyball while setting. The ball cannot come to rest in a player's arms or hand.
  • DOUBLE HIT: A player cannot touch a ball twice, with the exception of a block and then a hit by the same player. This includes the ball rolling along a player's body or arm except when a player is receiving the serve.
  • 10-FOOT LINE: A back-row player may not jump in front of the 10-foot line to spike a ball. A back-row player may attack a ball in front of the 10-foot line, if at the moment of contact the ball is not entirely higher than the top of the net.
  • ROTATION: Teams must maintain the same rotation per game as at the first serve.
  • FORFEIT: All games will start promptly at the time listed. If your team is not on the court on time, you will forfeit the first game. If your team is not on the court 5 minutes after the first game is scheduled to begin, you will forfeit the second game of the match. If your team is not on the court 10 minutes after the first game of the match is scheduled to begin, you will forfeit all three games of the match. All points of each forfeited game will automatically go to the opposing team. A minimum of four (4) players per team are required to start a match.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: During play, it is illegal for any part of a player's body to touch the net.