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Due to the Saturnalia (ahem, "Christmas") weekend, we're offering a Friday evening dinner option as well as the usual Saturday evening dinner. This year's food will be catered by the KC Expo Center. The Friday meal will be a pasta dinner with marinara and meatballs, brocolli and carrots, garlic bread, Caesar salad and dessert.

The cost of Friday's dinner is $15/adult and $10/child 10 and under.

Saturday's meal will be a beef brisket dinner with a choice of salad, sides and dessert. An alternative children's meal of chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and a cookie is also available for a reduced rate.

The cost for the brisket dinner will be $25 per person, regardless of age. For the chicken nuggets dinner, children are $12 per child 10 and under. If you eat as much as a small child and still like chicken nuggets, we can probably accommodate you.

If you're not planning on eating with us, we do request a $5 donation per person—up to $20 per family—to help offset the costs of the hall and other miscellaneous costs of the weekend.

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* NOTE: Some asked for the ability to donate tickets for those who needed a little assistance. Use the Donated Meals fields to purchase additional tickets for this cause. This will be the standard price for the Saturday night meal.