Weekly Webcast Login Instructions

Logging on the Kansas City Region Live Stream

  1. Go to the following web URL: lcgwebcast.org
    2. Select the following from the Stream Site drop down: Kansas City
    3. Enter the Password: (Request from or Elder or Deacon)
    4. Enter your Name
    5. Enter the number of individuals watching (including yourself)
    6. Enter a greeting message (optional)
    7. Click the LOG IN button.
    8. When you see the rectangle video screen show up, click the Play button
    9. You should now be seeing the stream.
    10. If you lose connection, click the Refresh button of your browser, and then click the Play button.
  2. Note: All of the lines except the Greeting are required to Login.   Please enter the correct number of those viewing.
  3. Both Sabbath Services and the monthly Bible Studies are being Live Streamed for Kansas City.


For immediate needs text John Wells at 816-729-8990 with questions or problems.