Local Announcements March 7, 2020


In keeping with Church tradition, we want to keep services with the utmost respect & reverence.  Even though we have options like coffee service & snacks, or other foods given away, we need to remember why we are here, and to respect the sanctity of the service.  A practice that we want to avoid becoming tradition is that of drinking coffee or other drinks (sodas, iced teas, Starbucks, QT/gas station or other large drinks), as well as eating during services.  Except for speakers who may need something for a dry mouth, or small children, or that rare individual who has a medical condition requiring it (low blood-sugar or diabetes), we ought not eat or drink during services.  Thank you for preserving our good traditions and avoiding practices that we do not want to become traditions in the Living Church of God.


The Spokesman & Grad Clubs will meet TONIGHT, at the home of John & Paula Wells, 2329 NE Lake Breeze Lane, Lee’s Summit MO 64086 (John’s cell is 816-729-8990 in case you are delayed in arriving on time).  Doors open at 6:00 PM; Club starts at 6:30 PM.  Please find Club assignments posted on the KCLCG.org website under the Resource Center tab.  As a reminder, the “Three-T’s” (Topics, Toast, & Timer) for each Club are to bring snacks & drinks for the break.


OPTION #1:  The Bodes have reserved a private room for the Night-To-Be-Much-Observed at EM Chamas, a Brazilian steak house located in the KC northland.  They have used this restaurant several times in the past.  For those interested, on the Information Table is a sign-up sheet.  Detailed EM Chamas flyers will be on the Table at a later date, having the location, more info on the meal, and the total cost for various meal choices (prices are the same as in the past).  In the meantime, if you would like more information, please call Linda Bode at 816-785-9283.

OPTION #2:   For the NTBMO, the Goodings have reserved a 22-person Banquet Dining Room at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant in Liberty, MO, on the Square.  Three entrées have been pre-selected from which to choose.  Six of the 22 seats have already been reserved, but plenty of seats remain, so please feel free to sign the Luigi’s sign-up sheet on the Information Table.  Contact Dustin Gooding with any questions at 816-433-7175.

OPTION #3:  You may make your own NTBMO plans, such as with family & brethren in a relatively quiet room at a quality restaurant, or in your own home.


As plans are coming into full swing for the Spring Holy Days, we want to make sure everyone has a place to go for the Night-To-Be-Much-Observed.  Apart from the three options in the above announcement, if you still need a place to attend NTBMO…..please sign on the indicated sign-up sheet at the Information Table so we can help everyone to enjoy this evening of celebration!


Camping spots are going fast for the Memorial Day Weekend Campout!  Reserve your spot at mostateparks.com.  IF interested, please let Mr. or Mrs. Jacques know the spot number you reserved so we can get everyone in the count; also you can follow us on the Facebook page.  This year again we are planning for group meals and services at the park.  Stay tuned for more info!


Looking ahead to June, our Annual Church Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, June 7th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Baumgardner Park (main shelter house #1 at the NE corner of the park) 2401 NW Ashton Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64015.  This is the same location we have used for the past several years.